Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fashion Magento Theme - EM NixxII just released upgrade for magento

Nixx II Magento Theme launches latest version, this Magento Template is compatible with Magento CE In addition to adding functionality to Nixx II Magento Theme, we still maintain the outstanding characteristics of this Magento Template. The additional features such as mega menu supports multiple columns, drop down shopping basket, slideshow with 20+ transition effects and many more features... still works well with Magento

As we introduced, Nixx II Magento Theme is designed bright, unique, personality color and attraction display. Although Nixx II Magento theme is inherited from previous product success (Nixx Magento Template), but Nixx II Theme completely new and unique. That is reflected in the professional style design and friendly interface with users. Fashion Magento Theme - EM NixxII is suitable for the fashion products, clothing,... View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

EM Gifts Store Magento Theme has been upgraded to Magento CE

Gift Shop Magento Theme is one of our unique Magento Template, it has received many feedbacks and attention from you. To continue this success, we promptly brought to Gift Shop Magento Theme latest version. Now, Gift Shop Magento Theme is fully compatible with Magento CE version This is a new version of Magento so Gift Shop Magento Theme will bring you more convenience.
Color and the interface's Gift Shop Magento Theme are very lovely, bright, so this Magento Template is suitable for gift store, souvenirs, decorations, … Gift Shop Magento Theme is supported many outstanding features as: all blocks, all cart & checkout progress pages, all product catalog pages, all customer pages are customized You can view details about this new version here. Or check out demo at our Mageto themes demo store.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Em Sport Store Magento Theme

With a new theme, the impression design style, EM SportStore - a Sport Magento Theme will create a strong interest in your eyes at first sight. Because it is designed for sport products so the float blocks and color created feeling very strong and powerful. The static blocks, menu, products, the advertisements images are arranged alternately and outstanding.

Especially EM SportStore Magento Template using our extensions to become more beautiful and more attractive: Slideshow extension with over +20 transitions, mega menu with many multiple columns styles or smart labels make it easy to advertise to customers the latest information about your products.... Along with the advantages features of Magento, some applications such as: view product on lightbox, drop-down shopping cart,... you will save space the ecommerce shop, your customers can easily purchase and payment. And the home page will constantly be updated the important information to attract customers as the best selling products, new products, promotional information, …
Click here for view Em SportStore Magento Theme, or check out demo here