Thursday, 20 October 2011

EM GameWorld - Game Store Magento Theme

Gameworld Magento Theme is a unique design for the game product, gaming devices. Gameworld Magento Theme can create eye-catching impression to customers because it uses the highlight color so that create focal points for the site. In addition, the layout of the gameworld is quite delicate and creative. Gameworld Magento Theme uses the unique image of the game at background of Magento Template, this takes you into the real game world and will attract more customers, especially gamers. Moreover, the information about products (new products, featured products, hot products, promotions...) is always updated promptly, your customers can choose easily new games for each machine such as Play Station, Xbox,...

Gameworld Magento Theme uses multiple tabs so Magento Template can show more products at the home page, the slideshows with more than 20 effects, and they will create the impression and attraction for products and brands. Besides the dominant features of Magento, Gameworld Magento Theme has alot of new extensions useful and enjoyable as: mega menu with many multiple columns styles, smart labels, view product on lightbox, product image sizes controlled in the back-end,.... Especially with the extension is called "cloud zoom", your customers will be very excited for this, they can view product detail image when they hover over it.
And finally, As well as our other Magento templates, Gameworld Magento Theme suits all types of products. So explore our gameworld to find the best choice for your online store
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

EM Nixx2 for Magento Go

Have you visit our shop yet? If your answer is "no", so right now, please click on and explore the world of professional Magento themes. At, we bring you the professional designs, impression Magento themes and style. You will find a great face for your online presence. is not only rich in theme that we have many useful extensions for Magento Templates. With experienced developers, creativity designers and talent, we regularly provide quality Magento Themes, excellent services and long-term support commitment.
And now, continue to bring you new surprise, which is the themes on the Magento Go. Magento Go is the best choice of you, because the dominant features and the convenience its. As you know, the installation and use a Magento Go theme very easy and fast. So we will develop Magneto Go templates. Join us to explore and develop for this type.
And this is the first theme of Magento Go that we want to introduce to you, it is the EM Nixx2 Go. This Magento Go theme was developed from our old Magento themes - EM Nixx2 Magento Theme - Magento theme received positive feedback from you. You certainly will not disappoint with the Nixx2 version for Magento Go

EM Nixx2 Go is a harmonious combination and unique of color, white background with black accents creates the uniqueness and very delicate. So EM Nixx2 Go design fits the fashion products. In addition, with the flexibility of the structure and elegant colors, EM Nixx2 Go accordances with all other products.
With EM Nixx2 Go, the store's home page does not need too much space but it still displays a lot of products, and customers can learn a great deal of information about your store, promotional information, new products. This is due to the products slider and ad banners. Special, the images slide of the Magento Go store shows nice effects and unique, this will attract your customers.

Your online store can easily come to more customers through the link with the social networking site, and the information in the footer. All of this utility is to serve your business effectively. You can easily edit the content and additional features of the EM Nixx2 Go at backend page of Magento Go.
Explore our first product for Magento Go, and put your comments. This helps us to more progress and we will provide great topics for you. Right now, you have a reliable address for when you need Magento Go themes.
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.