Tuesday, 18 September 2012

[Tutorial] User guide for using Mobile Theme on Magento

After purchasing our mobile version, you will receive a package.

1. To install the theme
Step 1 : Extract file ABC.zip and copy all files to your magento folder.

2. To create store
Go to System > Manage Stores
Create Store > Website: Main Website > Name: Xxxx (the name is up to you) > Root category: Root Catalog > Save Store.

3. To create store view for the "Xxxx"
Go to System > Manage Stores
• Name: English > Code: Aaaa (the name is up to you) > Status: enabled > Sort order: it is for sorting in backend, so you can number it up. > Save store view.

4. Config the “Xxxx” store
Go to System > Configuration
• From the "Current Configuration Scope" drop down (on the upper left hand side) select the "English" view under "Mobile Version" >
• Go to “General”, select Design > From Themes (on the right hand side) choose default as Iphone. > Save config.

5. Choose store mobile
Go to System > Configuration > Go to “General” > Expand “Content Management”> Choose XYZ (it is current package name) settings.
• Mobile store name: Aaaa (it must be similar to the “code” you did in number 3) > Mobile group store: Main website/ mobile version.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

EM Supermarket Magento Theme Mobile Version

EM Supermarket magento theme mobile version.

Mobile devices is becoming more and more popular so that applications for this market is more and more important. EM Supermarket Theme mobile version is designed to satisfy the demand of mobile-optimized sites. Instead of heavy and powerful features in regular desktop themes, EM Theme for mobile is lighter and simpler. Although contains an easy to use admin panel, it still functions productively with useful options such as simple product slider and searching section. Blocks for promotion ads and featured products are aligned in order from top to bottom of layout to make mobile-customers surf easier.

Download EM Supermarket Magento Theme Mobile Version
Demo EM Supermarket Magento Theme Mobile Version

Speed Up Magento Store

We have just released "Speed Up Magento Store" at emthemes.com

If you are a magento theme user and not so happy of the current product, we are here to bring you to the next level of satisfaction. In order to improve the performance of the server, we would like to introduce Magento Speed Optimization which will help your server work stably and smoothly. For example, this service will make the recent server have a faster response and save the server resources. Moreover, this service has an ability of decreasing time in page loading and avoid the traffic in the server performance. All of the new awesome improvements will ensure customer 's experience more impressive and then hence conversion rates, boost your sales.

Customers always want to access to the website, use the search engine or do other steps such as purchasing or bidding with the highest processing speed without lagging or suddenly stops. A good server will help the website to work with a high level of flexibility and also the agility. In fact, the server optimization is not a simple work. It requires people to have a certain level of computing knowledge and also the understanding of the Magento hierarchy.

Download Speed Up Magento Store

EM Valis - Backpack Magento Theme for Magento released

Are there too many online shopping store and you want to make your backpack shop different and stand out? You will be pleased with out new theme, called EM Valis.

EM Valis has a classic and glossy screenshot and a sporty color which you can choose from selection of blue, green, pick, orange and red in the black and white background. Moreover, EM Valis is using the EM theme framework which provides you fully-functional e-shop and EM Valis also contains its own characteristics which differentiate theme from other shopping themes. With a powerful theme configuration, this theme allows you to control image's size and background as well as theme design. It is unrestricted to add, change and remove any section, block and column in layout, you are able to create a online store by your own easily. In order to boost your sales, add-on features are provided such as 20+ transition slideshow, quick product view in the light pop-up and review cloud zoom. Besides that, EM Valis brings to you a flexible Ajax shopping cart with drop down function and a simple one step check out.

These awesome features and functions above are combined with product widgets and customer blog function to make EM Valis theme the best choice for your business.

Download EM Valis - Backpack Magento Theme
Demo EM Valis - Backpack Magento Theme