Tuesday, 17 December 2013

EM Markpro - Premium Responsive Magento Theme

A brand new theme for your market place, EM MarkPro. Our designers combine many features which have been successfully convinced buyers for its web efficiency as well as aesthetic. But that’s not everything EM MarkPro can perform.  It is now release and ready to be explored.
Using white color as background would be the smartest choice for an eCommerce solution for online market. And that’s EM MarkPro’s background, simple color combination, clear structure and clean layout, where every item of the store being noticeable. 

Not only standing out in design, EM MarkPro also impresses users by its features and functions. The most powerful and trendy features, including Drag&Drop Mega Menu, Variation Setting, CSS grid system, Quick view and so many more, have been gathered to create one of the best Magento eCommerce solution. Remarkably, EM MarkPro contains Cuztomize Responsive Layout which is a “Must Have” feature to be a successful website in this Mobile “booming” economy. ..

EM Go Gameworld - Responsive Magento Go Theme

The new EM Gameworld for Magento Go is now released with latest updated Web Responsive Design. Bringing you better website performance with the same design with best seller EM Gameworld and more powerful functions. Gaining more with the same price, let’s check out template details below:


An impressive world of game from Emthemes, EM Go Gameworld, brings you a true solution for your game store. It is highly customized to be suitable for game spirit, strong, bold and action. Large size slideshow with amazing images and transitions owns stunning visual effects that no one can ignore. Plus, we maximize available space for store owners to put up many more products to show off just right at the home page.
Love EM Go Gameworld’s design, but don’t forget to have a look at its special function. Responsive web design gives you more than you can imagine. Being suitable with various devices is the core benefit of it. All visitors can have the best display on their devices without buying extra version for that. Product widgets help you to sort and manage products easily that take you only few minutes to make it available on your store. Other effective web management tools are also integrated, such as Dropdown menu, slider or cloud zoom, with it you no need to worry about spending too much time on administrate the website.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to clone from theme and from the full package?

Clone from theme
1.      Install default magento package: run default site
2.      Download and install theme from a existing completed theme:
§  Download theme package and related extenstions: blog, layerednavigation, onestepcheckout, megamenu,...
§  Extract and copy all content to the magento folder that you’ve just created
§  Rename into new theme’s names in source
§  Install extension setting for theme by following instruction at our later tutorial.
§  You can delete install file in setting to not update information of static blocks, widgets, and pages (it is for new style of installation that sampledata.xml file is in etc of the theme)
§  Reset config theme: Login admin panel, sytem >> configuration:  in design tab and fill the package as “default” and fill theme default as current theme. In Web tab, choose homepage for the theme (creating a blank page from cms page)
§  Clear cache and run the theme again
3.      Clone from the full package:
1.      Download a full theme package and related extensions.
2.      Extract the file and rename folders
3.      Run db from the full package or run default db ( Similar to theme package, you can delete install file)
4.      Extract files and copy all extension packages into the full package folder
5.      Install extension setting for theme by following instruction at our later tutorials
6.      Reset config theme: Login admin panel, sytem >> configuration:  in design tab and fill the package as “default” and fill theme default as current theme. In Web tab, choose homepage for the theme (creating a blank page from cms page)
7.      Clear cache and run the theme again

How to create magento theme?

1.      Creating new magento theme:
1.      Download and extract magento files from www.magentocommerce.com
2.      Copy all the content to the folder that you are current making the theme.
3.      Create database and run sample data.
4.      Run config and choose corresponding database that was created
5.      Login admin panel, go to sytem >> configuration:  in design tab and fill the package as “default” and fill theme default as current theme. In Web tab, choose homepage for the theme (creating a blank page from cms page)
6.      Install the extensions for theme, including: themeframework, bestseller, featured product, slider widget,... into the theme
7.      Install extension setting for theme by following instruction at our later tutorials. 
8.      Clear cache and run the theme again.
  9.      Clone magento theme from existing theme.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Emthemes.com reaches 8 Certified Magento Developers

As you all know, we are a prestige Magento template supplier and an official industry partner of Magento (http://www.magentocommerce.com/partners/details/partner/id/3164). Knowledge of enthusiasm developers is one of essential factors in our succes. Now, 8 of them are officially designated as Certified Magento Developers with average score 60. With this milestone, Emthemes becomes one of the companies, which have the largest team Magento certified developers in Vietnam. For sure, it is non-stop development for both our developer team as well as product quality of our company.

We support you as "highness" with outstanding services, such as Magento web design, Magento customization, Magento Go design, Magento speed optimizatiom, Magento SEO service, and Magento mobile E-commerce. Combination of each service creates premium themes for Magento community and all other people interact with it.

Enthusiasm staffs, quick services, and prominent products contribute to our reputation in web design industry and our large sale figure.

We believe that having the strong Magento Certified developers is a greatest news for us. It is not only an obvious evidence for our ability, but also a strong foundation for further extended development in the future.

We are looking forward to a bright future and we hope that you will be with us through this journey.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

EM Camara Magento Mobile Template

EM Camara Magento Mobile Template
EM Camera Magento Theme for mobile is a new version for camera or technology e-shop by emthemes.com.It is specialized for small screen devices with smart and super convenient design. Maximizing convenience and comfort in the core concept of the theme.EM Camera Magento Theme mobile version is a great choice for your store to make it more and more popular.

Tested devices
* iPhone, iPod with iOS version 4+, 5+.
* Android phones.
* iPad with iOS 4+, 5+.

Demo: EM Camara Magento Mobile Template

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Magento One Step Checkout Extension

Hi there,

As you all know, we are working on magento development research for a better website performance. After a long time improving and testing, we would love to introduce you our brand new extension, One step check out. We believe that you will fall in love because it shortens all the cumbersome check out steps. With this, it saves massive time for them and you create a super convenient and fast environment for your customers to go online shopping. If you go to one step check out, you don’t have to process at least 5 steps of checking out, but only one with all necessary information requirement in one page.

For more information, please check the link below: Magento One Step Checkout Extension