Wednesday, 28 December 2011

EM ManWear - Men Magento Theme

With an unique idea and new, you will be completely unexpected and enjoy our topic - EM ManWear Magento Theme. Designed exclusively for underwear products of men, the EM ManWear has pretty fancy design and originality. So the masculine and powerful can be considered a highlight of this Magento stores.

EM ManWear Magento Theme thoroughly abusing the benefits of the tab, allowing you to display many products at the store home page but your store is still compact and space saving. Further, product information (such as new products, feature products, best-selling products ,...) are always updated in the tab.
In addition, EM ManWear is the harmonious combination between advantage features of Magento with our extensions, including image slideshow with over 20 effects and mega menu with many multiple columns styles, Quick Shop, Ajax Add product to Cart, drop-down cart, ....and more. You can find better understand about them at our demo store.
We can confidently assert you and your guests will appreciate and enjoy EM ManWear Magento Theme - our great Magento Template. You can view detail here or check out demo here

Sunday, 4 December 2011

EM Casual Wear for Magento Go

Currently, fashion shop online is increasingly popular. So, with this demand, we would like to introduce to you a new theme of Magento Template Go, this is EM Go Casual Wear.

This theme is designed for casual fashion, clothing store, apparel, fashion store. With unique design, simple color, and dynamic apparel products, this theme make your customers feel fresh, professional. We use images slideshow on the home page, help your store has more advertising and more promotion. Furthermore, to save space, we use the product slideshow to introduce new product informations to customers, help customers easily find the products that they want to buy. In addition, with utilities of EM Go Casual Wear, your customers can easily shop and save more time.
EM Go Casual Wear is really an outstanding Magento Go Template for everyone who loves fashion. Do you want your customers feel satisfied about your investment? Come on our Magento Go Template.
You can view detail here or check out demo here

EM GameWorld for Magento Go

Are you looking for a wonderful design for your online store? Do you want to increase your business effect? Let's visit our Magento Go Themes, you will have a suitable theme.

Specially, if you are looking for a design for game products and gaming devices, EM Go Gameworld will be the best choice for you. This is a unique design, innovative style because it uses highlight color along with unique image of the game, this will create eye - catching impression to customers, especially gamers. In addition, your customers will be attracted by image slider and product images with a modern and professional style.
With dominant features of EM Go Gameworld, your customers will be more convenient for shopping, this will attract more customers for your store. Pick EM Go Gameworld vĂ  give your online store a new face.
You can view detail here or check out demo here

Friday, 2 December 2011

EM Wine Store for Magento Go

We continue to bring you a new theme of Magento Go Template. With luxurious design style, clear layout, simple color, EM Go Wine really creates feeling interested for lady and gentleman. Specially, when use color of wine combine with beatiful product banners, EM Go Wine is very suitable for wine products and many other products.

This is a good Magento Go Theme for your online store. At home page, new products is updated continuously, the products display at slideshow and nice icons will create attraction for your customers. Along with utilities of Magento Go, you will be satisfied with features which EM Go Wine bring. Your online store will get amazing effects. Therefore, right now, explore EM Go Wine for Magento Go and you will bring many choice for your customer.
You can view detail here or check out demo here

Thursday, 24 November 2011

EM Electronics Theme for Magento Go

The electronic products are extremely suitable for display and online sales. Currently the need of an online store for this type products is very popular with businesses. You absolutely can have the best interface for your store when you visits our Magento themes. Especially with Magento Go Electric, you get the convenience of Magento Go and an unique design for an electronics store (or any other product)

Magento Go Electric with the impressive red makes you feel very unique and appeal when you see it. The products on display is very clear with the nice title, the fancy buttons, these will create a good impression for your customers. Brand slideshow and the banners will attract the attention of customers and help you promote better for the store.
Please see the unique theme for Magento Go Electric to have a pleasant experience. And give your customers the great feeling with Magento Go Electric.
You can view detail here or check out demo here

EM Gifts Store for Magento Go

We bring you an excellent products for the Magento Go Theme. With design style is extremely lovely, lovely colors and handy structure, Magento Go Gift is really a great theme.
And if you are looking for a online store which is suitable for souvenirs, and gifts, decorations ... then Magento Go Gift is very appropriate. Because this Magento Go Theme have taken care of very attentive with this subject.

Green becomes unique when it is combined with ad images beautifully. There are two slideshows so you can display many photos and your guests will be impressed with this.
Magento Go Gift fully meets your requirements with the eye-catching photo presentations, fun gifts, the title of blocks is very nicely.

With the convenience of Magento Go you can easily install and decorate your online store. And naturally, Magento Go Gift also gives you more facilities. You can choose different structure kinds for the gallery pages and detail pages of product.
Along with detailed instructives to help you set up quickly, we also have a team of customer service is very professional and enthusiastic. why do you waiting without exploring Magento Go Gift with us?

Thursday, 3 November 2011

EM Socola - Chocolate Magento Theme

Do you want the sweet gifts for a loved one? Go to our Chocolate Store and feel the sweetness of love. This is topic that we want to bring for you in the design of EM Socola - Chocolate Store Magento Theme.

As the Magento Template name, we use main color is brown of chocolate along with impressive products which will attract you from the first sight. And when clients visit your store, they really surprised with the design style. The static blocks are designed fancy, completely unique style and impressive. Besides, the beautiful image slideshow with over 20 effects, the unique title of the product blocks, slideshow of the brand will help Magento store attract more customers.

EM Socola - Chocolate Magento Theme is not only fun in design style, but it was also very useful for your business. The necessary information for your customers (product discounts, new products, best selling products, ..) are always updated quickly through the smart labels, promotional images. This help your customers more choice.

EM Socola - Chocolate Magento Theme is consistent with the chocolate products, gifts, pastries, ... but EM Socola - Chocolate Magento Theme is designed in accordance with all other products. Pick EM Chocolate Magento Theme and give your store a new face, this is an excellent choice.
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

EM GameWorld - Game Store Magento Theme

Gameworld Magento Theme is a unique design for the game product, gaming devices. Gameworld Magento Theme can create eye-catching impression to customers because it uses the highlight color so that create focal points for the site. In addition, the layout of the gameworld is quite delicate and creative. Gameworld Magento Theme uses the unique image of the game at background of Magento Template, this takes you into the real game world and will attract more customers, especially gamers. Moreover, the information about products (new products, featured products, hot products, promotions...) is always updated promptly, your customers can choose easily new games for each machine such as Play Station, Xbox,...

Gameworld Magento Theme uses multiple tabs so Magento Template can show more products at the home page, the slideshows with more than 20 effects, and they will create the impression and attraction for products and brands. Besides the dominant features of Magento, Gameworld Magento Theme has alot of new extensions useful and enjoyable as: mega menu with many multiple columns styles, smart labels, view product on lightbox, product image sizes controlled in the back-end,.... Especially with the extension is called "cloud zoom", your customers will be very excited for this, they can view product detail image when they hover over it.
And finally, As well as our other Magento templates, Gameworld Magento Theme suits all types of products. So explore our gameworld to find the best choice for your online store
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

EM Nixx2 for Magento Go

Have you visit our shop yet? If your answer is "no", so right now, please click on and explore the world of professional Magento themes. At, we bring you the professional designs, impression Magento themes and style. You will find a great face for your online presence. is not only rich in theme that we have many useful extensions for Magento Templates. With experienced developers, creativity designers and talent, we regularly provide quality Magento Themes, excellent services and long-term support commitment.
And now, continue to bring you new surprise, which is the themes on the Magento Go. Magento Go is the best choice of you, because the dominant features and the convenience its. As you know, the installation and use a Magento Go theme very easy and fast. So we will develop Magneto Go templates. Join us to explore and develop for this type.
And this is the first theme of Magento Go that we want to introduce to you, it is the EM Nixx2 Go. This Magento Go theme was developed from our old Magento themes - EM Nixx2 Magento Theme - Magento theme received positive feedback from you. You certainly will not disappoint with the Nixx2 version for Magento Go

EM Nixx2 Go is a harmonious combination and unique of color, white background with black accents creates the uniqueness and very delicate. So EM Nixx2 Go design fits the fashion products. In addition, with the flexibility of the structure and elegant colors, EM Nixx2 Go accordances with all other products.
With EM Nixx2 Go, the store's home page does not need too much space but it still displays a lot of products, and customers can learn a great deal of information about your store, promotional information, new products. This is due to the products slider and ad banners. Special, the images slide of the Magento Go store shows nice effects and unique, this will attract your customers.

Your online store can easily come to more customers through the link with the social networking site, and the information in the footer. All of this utility is to serve your business effectively. You can easily edit the content and additional features of the EM Nixx2 Go at backend page of Magento Go.
Explore our first product for Magento Go, and put your comments. This helps us to more progress and we will provide great topics for you. Right now, you have a reliable address for when you need Magento Go themes.
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

EM Bonsai Magento Theme

If you are looking for a special Magento design for your store, then EM Bonsai Magento Theme is a great choice. EM Bonsai Magento Theme's design is fairly simple, but it is very impressive. Colour and the structure of EM Bonsai Magento Theme coordinate very closely. This Magento Template displays products as bonsai, ornamental tree, so the blocks, the green buttons and the white background create great harmony for this Magento Theme.

Besides the outstanding features of Magento, EM Bonsai Magento Theme is equipped many new features. With our developments, EM Bonsai Magento Theme becomes more beautiful and attract more customers and more convenient, for example slideshow with over +20 transitions, products slider, Mega Menu with many multiple columns styles ... In addition, the management and disposition of the goods will be much easier with features such as: product image sizes controlled in the back-end, all blocks are customized, all cart & checkout progress pages are customized, all product catalog pages are customized, all customer pages are customized

The fist attention of Magento themes always is your success and effectiveness of your business, so our developers and designers always care for Magento Templates very carefully, each Magento Theme has creativity and personal attractiveness. So, Feel EM Bonsai Magento Theme and select it for your store.
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

EM Fashion Boutique Magento Theme has been upgraded to Magento CE

We continue to update and new Magento version. This job helps us give you the best services, the perfect Magento Template and utility. Currently we are upgrading our Themes to Magento CE And EM Fashion Boutique Magento Theme is the next product.

We introduced to you EM Fashion Boutique Magento Theme - A Magento Template is very interesting and unique. The home page of Magento Template completely different , blocks, banners, slide shows are stretched and arranged very cleverly by our designers. Interestingly at the home page and category page you can view the product detail but you don't need into the detail page. Just click on the "quick shop" button in the product image. This is very convenient for your customers, it gives them pleasure, you will definitely achieve business efficiency.
EM Fashion Boutique Magento Theme as well as our other products, it offers full features, advantages of Mageto and our extentions, such as: product image sizes controlled in the back-end, slideshow with over +20 transitions, mega Menu with many multiple columns styles, constantly updating new products, best seller, the promotional information, … EM Fashion boutique Magento Theme fit with fashion products, and you'll like it right from the first impression.
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

EM Eyewear Magento Theme with Magento CE

We continue launch the latest version of the EM Eyewear Magento Theme. This Magento template is reserved for the fashion glasses products. EM Eyewear Magento Theme has two sub-themes: blue and orange. Both Magento Themes are compatible with Magento CE Although the two Magento Template have the same idea, but each theme is a very personal style.
Each color will give you a different sense, orange creating impress, green is gracious and both are very attractive. Which makes products with the wealth and more choices.

Besides a professional design, EM Eyewear Magento Theme maintaining advantage features such as: slideshow with over +20 transitions, mega Menu with many multiple columns styles, latest user reviews module, all blocks are customized, all cart & checkout progress pages are customized, all product catalog pages are customzied, all customer pages are customized, product image sizes controlled in the back-end, and many more features...
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

EM Jewelry Theme Magento has been upgraded to Magento CE

EM Jewelry Magento Theme is our previous topic. This Magento Template has attracted a lot of customers with modern design style and advantage features its. EM Jewelry Magento Theme is reserved for products: jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, ...

Currently, EM Jewelry Magento Theme is compatible with Mageto CE version. Visit our demo store and you will feel the beauty, the utility of this Magento Theme. Beauty and the elegant feeling but mystery is what we easily perceive from the products of jewelry and gemstones. So, Black silver color is used as a background, this will make EM Jewelry Magento Theme style becomes more attractive. EM Jewelry Magento Theme has 2 slideshows run parallel, the big slideshow features jewelry with beautiful models. The small slideshow highlights your products. This Magento Template is designed with a modern, clean and luxurious style, jewelry will appear more valuable to your customers.
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

Monday, 5 September 2011

EM Snowellery - Jewelry Magento Theme

Jewelry Magento Theme - EM Snowellery is designed very tasteful, elegant. When you look at our products, you will find a harmony and irresistible appeal. This Magento Theme is reserved for jewelry, rings, wedding rings... because it is very gentle and elegance. Jewelry Magento Template has color very stylish and fancy, this Magento Template is really very unique.

Like most our other Magento Templates, Jewelry Magento Theme uses many features and our gadgets, for example: slideshow with over +20 transitions, mega Menu with many multiple columns styles, latest user reviews module, all blocks are customized, all cart & checkout progress pages are customized, all product catalog pages are customized, all customer pages are customized, product image sizes controlled in the back-end, ….

You will easily bring customers the latest information about the best seller products, promotional information, new products,.... Besides, you can add labels for the products at the home page of Jewelry Magento Template. With stunning compact form, the smart labels actually bring efficiency to your business. Jewelry Magento Theme will meet your needs and make your online store attract more customers, your business benefits will be higher. Welcome to our demo store and feel Jewelry Magento Theme!
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

EM Electronics Magento Theme has been upgraded to Magento CE

Continue to improve better our Magento Templates and give you many benefits, we offer the latest EM Electronics Magento Theme, this is Magento CE version. EM Electronics Magento Theme is a successful design with two sub-themes: blue and red. If red is luxurious style, personality, then blue is the ethereal and gentle.
This design was introduced before and it has received a lot of your attention. So, with this new version, EM Electronics Magento Template keeps all its advantages, such as home page is designed with an impressive slideshow effects, the blocks continuously updates of new products, bestseller products, favorite products, famous brands and promotional information. With the dominant features of Magento CE, EM Electronics Magento Theme gives you more utility with features like: slideshow with over +20 transitions, mega menu with many multiple columns styles, product image sizes controlled in the back-end, products widgets supported... You can click here for view EM Electronics with Magento CE version, or check out demo here

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fashion Magento Theme - EM NixxII just released upgrade for magento

Nixx II Magento Theme launches latest version, this Magento Template is compatible with Magento CE In addition to adding functionality to Nixx II Magento Theme, we still maintain the outstanding characteristics of this Magento Template. The additional features such as mega menu supports multiple columns, drop down shopping basket, slideshow with 20+ transition effects and many more features... still works well with Magento

As we introduced, Nixx II Magento Theme is designed bright, unique, personality color and attraction display. Although Nixx II Magento theme is inherited from previous product success (Nixx Magento Template), but Nixx II Theme completely new and unique. That is reflected in the professional style design and friendly interface with users. Fashion Magento Theme - EM NixxII is suitable for the fashion products, clothing,... View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

EM Gifts Store Magento Theme has been upgraded to Magento CE

Gift Shop Magento Theme is one of our unique Magento Template, it has received many feedbacks and attention from you. To continue this success, we promptly brought to Gift Shop Magento Theme latest version. Now, Gift Shop Magento Theme is fully compatible with Magento CE version This is a new version of Magento so Gift Shop Magento Theme will bring you more convenience.
Color and the interface's Gift Shop Magento Theme are very lovely, bright, so this Magento Template is suitable for gift store, souvenirs, decorations, … Gift Shop Magento Theme is supported many outstanding features as: all blocks, all cart & checkout progress pages, all product catalog pages, all customer pages are customized You can view details about this new version here. Or check out demo at our Mageto themes demo store.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Em Sport Store Magento Theme

With a new theme, the impression design style, EM SportStore - a Sport Magento Theme will create a strong interest in your eyes at first sight. Because it is designed for sport products so the float blocks and color created feeling very strong and powerful. The static blocks, menu, products, the advertisements images are arranged alternately and outstanding.

Especially EM SportStore Magento Template using our extensions to become more beautiful and more attractive: Slideshow extension with over +20 transitions, mega menu with many multiple columns styles or smart labels make it easy to advertise to customers the latest information about your products.... Along with the advantages features of Magento, some applications such as: view product on lightbox, drop-down shopping cart,... you will save space the ecommerce shop, your customers can easily purchase and payment. And the home page will constantly be updated the important information to attract customers as the best selling products, new products, promotional information, …
Click here for view Em SportStore Magento Theme, or check out demo here