Saturday, 27 October 2012

EM Camara Magento Mobile Template

EM Camara Magento Mobile Template
EM Camera Magento Theme for mobile is a new version for camera or technology e-shop by is specialized for small screen devices with smart and super convenient design. Maximizing convenience and comfort in the core concept of the theme.EM Camera Magento Theme mobile version is a great choice for your store to make it more and more popular.

Tested devices
* iPhone, iPod with iOS version 4+, 5+.
* Android phones.
* iPad with iOS 4+, 5+.

Demo: EM Camara Magento Mobile Template

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Magento One Step Checkout Extension

Hi there,

As you all know, we are working on magento development research for a better website performance. After a long time improving and testing, we would love to introduce you our brand new extension, One step check out. We believe that you will fall in love because it shortens all the cumbersome check out steps. With this, it saves massive time for them and you create a super convenient and fast environment for your customers to go online shopping. If you go to one step check out, you don’t have to process at least 5 steps of checking out, but only one with all necessary information requirement in one page.

For more information, please check the link below: Magento One Step Checkout Extension

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

[Tutorial] User guide for using Mobile Theme on Magento

After purchasing our mobile version, you will receive a package.

1. To install the theme
Step 1 : Extract file and copy all files to your magento folder.

2. To create store
Go to System > Manage Stores
Create Store > Website: Main Website > Name: Xxxx (the name is up to you) > Root category: Root Catalog > Save Store.

3. To create store view for the "Xxxx"
Go to System > Manage Stores
• Name: English > Code: Aaaa (the name is up to you) > Status: enabled > Sort order: it is for sorting in backend, so you can number it up. > Save store view.

4. Config the “Xxxx” store
Go to System > Configuration
• From the "Current Configuration Scope" drop down (on the upper left hand side) select the "English" view under "Mobile Version" >
• Go to “General”, select Design > From Themes (on the right hand side) choose default as Iphone. > Save config.

5. Choose store mobile
Go to System > Configuration > Go to “General” > Expand “Content Management”> Choose XYZ (it is current package name) settings.
• Mobile store name: Aaaa (it must be similar to the “code” you did in number 3) > Mobile group store: Main website/ mobile version.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

EM Supermarket Magento Theme Mobile Version

EM Supermarket magento theme mobile version.

Mobile devices is becoming more and more popular so that applications for this market is more and more important. EM Supermarket Theme mobile version is designed to satisfy the demand of mobile-optimized sites. Instead of heavy and powerful features in regular desktop themes, EM Theme for mobile is lighter and simpler. Although contains an easy to use admin panel, it still functions productively with useful options such as simple product slider and searching section. Blocks for promotion ads and featured products are aligned in order from top to bottom of layout to make mobile-customers surf easier.

Download EM Supermarket Magento Theme Mobile Version
Demo EM Supermarket Magento Theme Mobile Version

Speed Up Magento Store

We have just released "Speed Up Magento Store" at

If you are a magento theme user and not so happy of the current product, we are here to bring you to the next level of satisfaction. In order to improve the performance of the server, we would like to introduce Magento Speed Optimization which will help your server work stably and smoothly. For example, this service will make the recent server have a faster response and save the server resources. Moreover, this service has an ability of decreasing time in page loading and avoid the traffic in the server performance. All of the new awesome improvements will ensure customer 's experience more impressive and then hence conversion rates, boost your sales.

Customers always want to access to the website, use the search engine or do other steps such as purchasing or bidding with the highest processing speed without lagging or suddenly stops. A good server will help the website to work with a high level of flexibility and also the agility. In fact, the server optimization is not a simple work. It requires people to have a certain level of computing knowledge and also the understanding of the Magento hierarchy.

Download Speed Up Magento Store

EM Valis - Backpack Magento Theme for Magento released

Are there too many online shopping store and you want to make your backpack shop different and stand out? You will be pleased with out new theme, called EM Valis.

EM Valis has a classic and glossy screenshot and a sporty color which you can choose from selection of blue, green, pick, orange and red in the black and white background. Moreover, EM Valis is using the EM theme framework which provides you fully-functional e-shop and EM Valis also contains its own characteristics which differentiate theme from other shopping themes. With a powerful theme configuration, this theme allows you to control image's size and background as well as theme design. It is unrestricted to add, change and remove any section, block and column in layout, you are able to create a online store by your own easily. In order to boost your sales, add-on features are provided such as 20+ transition slideshow, quick product view in the light pop-up and review cloud zoom. Besides that, EM Valis brings to you a flexible Ajax shopping cart with drop down function and a simple one step check out.

These awesome features and functions above are combined with product widgets and customer blog function to make EM Valis theme the best choice for your business.

Download EM Valis - Backpack Magento Theme
Demo EM Valis - Backpack Magento Theme

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

EM Blog Magento Extension version 2.0 has been released

We have just released EM Blog Magento Extension version 2.0 at

EM Blog upgraded version with bunches of additional helpful tools is right here to improve your website operation, such as tree format category display, different stores for posts, and smart category management with "anchor" attribute. It makes posts more attractive, impressive and informative.

Magento Theme with blog is the most comfortable tool for you business. If you are satisfied with our Magento interface, you will love it even more with new EM Blog version 2.0. Customers can have more contributions to your posts, products, and business. Tree format, differentiated posts and related posts make blog much flexible and well-organized. Language translation is no more costing much time and effort. Moreover, anchor attribute, which is the most noteworthy feature of EM Blog 2.0, allows you too choose “anchor”. It means that, any posts related to “anchor” will be shown on the desired destination.

Link download: EM Blog Magento Extension Magento

Monday, 13 August 2012

EM Laconic - Laptop Magento Theme

 Hi there,

We would love to introduce you a brand new EM Theme for notebook store, EM Laconic. It is a glamour and luxurious, yet super neat and clean layout for technology products. Combination of colors and textures increases visual effects and many optional colors are available. Nice appearance comes up with highly functioned features, such as smart slideshow, mega menu, wishlist, and featured products. All the integrated modules and extensions ensure distraction avoidance and neat organization to acquire a quick access, stable quality and convenience with recommended products. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A new Magento Go theme for Wedding store - EM MarryMe.

Our new Magento Go Theme for wedding shop, EM MarryMe, are now released. It goes for a fabulous luxurious, neat and clean interface. All the combination of colors and textures is to make sure that they are congruent with the main idea of the theme.

Extensions and modules development guarantees the theme is eyes catchy, easy to handle, and modify. Slideshow, drop-down menu, and feature tab are for well organized and categorized purpose. Follow the order, and what visitors have done are no more difficult with left vertical bar, which includes compare products, recent viewed products, and popular tag.

View Demo: View Demo Wedding Magento Go Theme

Download: Download Wedding Magento Go Theme

Friday, 27 July 2012

EM GameWorld - Responsive Magento Theme

EM Game World is a responsive and flexible Magento theme for game store. Modern, nice and impressive design for highlighting games purpose is especially simple and well-organized. Besides of catchy color mixing, template provides a clean layout and clearly structured appearance. All contents are stored in logically categories on the main drop-down menu.

Our EM GameWorld - Responsive Magento Theme now has mobile version. With this theme, it is more comfortable for the customers to shop it on their mobile. Notice that this version will not have any side effects on your current web version. Both of them will not exclude each other. Also, it is not only for this kind of store, but also multi-store can apply it.

Other recommended tabs are under the menu, such as great deals, or great offer, so it is a good way to access to the website’s core features easily. Moreover, the content and others features can be changed the content in the backend to customize the theme as desire.

One more noteworthy point is that besides of web version, we also offer mobile version, which is suitable for customers, using mobile phone to surf your store. It is compatible with many devices, such as pc, tablet, mobile, iphone, ipad, and anroid devices.

EM GameWorld Mobile Version -Responsive Magento Theme

Powerful theme configuration

Our theme configuration allows you to edit various parameters such as product image sizes, product image background, theme background, number of product columns and more...

Image slideshow with 20+ transition effects

Image slideshow is developed as a magento widget allow you to insert and manage slideshow easily and extreme user-friendly. You can add image, description and link on the widget UI.

Mega Menu

With our mega menu feature, you can freely add custom content to the menu, you can add banner, video on the menu as well. Beside the freedom in content editing, it has ability to to pull out all categories dynamically with different styles.

If you disable the mega menu, the standard drop-down menu will automatically appear without extra work.

Quick Shop

Improve usibility of your store with our quick-view extension to allow customer to view product details without leaving the current page.

Customized product landing page

Improve the default magento product landing page with our custom product page with more useful info and a lot of rich features.

Image cloud zoom

Our image cloud-zoom effect allows to zoom-in product image just move mouse hover the image. With our improvement, it also works great on iphone/ipad and other tablet/cellphone devices.

All products image, product thumbnail size can be configured in the backend as you want. If your web store has different background layout, you can configure image background accordingly.

Drop down shopping cart ajax add to cart

Product labels

Our theme includes the product labels extension allows you to create and manage custom labels of products on your site. The rule of labels and icons are so powerful and unlimited. You can also create more rule to apply different labels such as sale off, bestseller, new products, featured products, products in certain categories or combine any or/any all of that.

Note that this product label extension if you buy seperately it costs you $39. With our themes you get it for FREE.

Custom product widgets

Our product widgets support unlimited ruleset, such as bestseller, new product, featured products, sale off products and more. Provide different templates such as slider, grid, list.

Extra footer

The footer of magento template is redesigned and added more content to provide your customers more helpful info about your store. Adding more links for SEO purpose. Not only that if you buy our magento blog extension you can display blog content here.

Highlight Features

-Homepage with images slideshow freely customize over 20 transition effects, timing and moving...
-Brands slider.
-New products on homepage.
-Extra space for promotion text, news, store info, links.
-All contents and extra features can be managed in the backend of your store

General Features

-Fully tested and works great with all modern web browsers: IE7+, Firefox 3+, Safari 5+, Chrome5+, Opera 10+, iPhone, iPad, iOS or Android devices
-Compressed javascript library to reduce the loading time.
-Well-structured and commented HTML & CSS for easy customization.
-Excellent user guide documentation to help you install and utilize the theme.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

EM SuperMarket - Mobile Devices Magento Theme

Continue to monitor new information in Emthemes's blog and catch the great Magento Themes. And the EM SuperMarket - Mobile Devices Magento Theme is one of them.

With the dynamic design, soft colors, EM Supermarket is really suitable for portable devices (mobile phone, laptop, camera, ...). The home page can display a lot of products but this do not make your customers become confused, they can easily classify the products and find useful information for them, because of the static blocks and product sliders are arranged very ingenious.

EM SuperMarket - Mobile Devices Magento Theme has not only unique design but it also is full of special features such as: quick shop, dropdown cart, clound zoom, ajaxt cart,image slideshow with over 20 effects and mega menu with many multiple columns styles, .....
Special, promotions, new products, best seller products are always quick update, this is really useful for your customers and your business. You can view detail here or check out demo here.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

EM Interior Is A Furniture Magento Template

  EM Interior - Furniture Magento Theme

EM Interior is a furniture Magento template. It was built on  EM-Theme-Framework which has no restriction for your imagination or stylish ability to built up your own show room. The main design provides a modern and professional view about your online showroom. Combination between pure simple white, and luxurious red make your showroom more modern and lively. This theme will show how modern your products are, because the white emphasizes your products more than other colors. Many powerful supportive tools are provided to help you increase your own symbol, your "finger print" to your showroom that there is no where else on earth. You can use these tools to change layout, highlight your top rated products, and mark mega menu with your own characteristic which acquire more customers' attention. 
EM Interior - Furniture Magento Theme

Monday, 9 July 2012

How to install a basic Magento Theme

Nowadays, with the popularity of internet, there is a lot of new websites created every day. Making a new websites is becoming easier for many users with the help of the effective tools and they are allways available in the market. One of theme is the website template and the theme providers such as Emthemes. In these websites, the customers have a wide range of selections with a lot of Magento Themes, which is recommended by many web designers because of some reasons.

 Firstly, these templates is quite simple to use and install. You can easily change the content and category in a Magento Theme with simple steps or even just a click. The content in the different pages is different, so that you can use many tools to create the impression for your online store. When purchasing a package of Magento Theme, the provider will give you lots of tools and guidance, you can make the desired changes, you can make your basic theme more appealing. You can also add some special features to your website and theme with the extension packages, which do not cost much.

The Magento Themes are provided by Emthemes which are very varied. You can easily find a topic like best, of course they are arranged in a logical sequence and their name can show their essence. Each topic will have some special features to be suitable with the purposes that the users expected. For example, the sliders display the hot topics such as what’s news, the best seller products or the most viewed, most popular products. These topics are usually the biggest concern of customers when shopping. On the other hand, the blur effect which makes the photos and banners become more interesting with the customers.

To install a Magento Theme, you need to follows some steps. First, you need to name your themes by change the name of the root folder that stores the theme. Second, you need to log in to the backend page to change the default template. Go to the system , configure and change the interface design. In the “default” box, type the name of the themes that you just change the name and would like to set up then click the button “save” to record the change in the system. After that, the theme will be changed. Overall, all the steps are not complicated with people who have a certain level of knowledge about computing.

So, if you are finding a Magento Theme for your website or you want to change the themes of your website to enhance your business, Emthemes will always be ready to help you. You have wide range of selection that covers a lot of different topics that can meet almost all demand from the customers. Moreover, our service is very good that can help you if you have difficulties. For example, if you have any difficulty in using Magento Themes or you cannot install them, you can contact the customer service department to receive the help. 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Topics on

Topics on

Nowadays, the demand of designing websites with a beautiful outlook and effective function is increasing significantly. With, this new demand can be met with the effectiveness of Magento Template.

To talk about Magento template, this is a highly recommended type of themes because of the simple in modifying and customizing the content of the website and some other categories. In fact, all of those steps can be processed simply with a few clicks.

There are a lot of different topics of Magento templates provided by Emthemes. All the names of the themes are sorted in a reasonable order that can help the customers to find out the ones they need in a convenient ways.  In general, those kind of themes is equipped some useful stuffs that can help the users to design their website. Firstly, in each theme, there always include some sections such as Home, Product, Service, Contact to us and so on. Moreover, if you need to add some more section to be fixed with your own demand, you can do it when using those Magento templates.

In Emthemes, there are a lot of topics with distinctive functions, design and decoration which can meet different purposes of the website. For example, there is the Magento template provided for a sport shoes websites. In this website, there are the products sliders that help the customers to locate the products they need easier and also help to create more space for other contents of the website. In specific, in the slider, the hot topics will be showed such as the New Arrivals for newest products, Best sellers or the most viewed and most popular products. Moreover, the sub-theme has five different colors to choose that help the web managers to choose the best one for them. Another example about topic of themes in Emthemes is the royal hotel Magento themes. The colors used in those themes often be classic and luxury. Moreover, the blur effect is utilized in this theme to make it become more interesting and have some attractiveness also.

Additionally, if you want to add some features such as the logo company and name, you can be able to add it in your website and theme with the additional fees. There are also a lot of other topic that is available in the Emthemes official websites such as camera, laptop, supermarket or manwear Magento website. Overall, with the variety of the topics, this website can satisfy the need of many types of websites. The Magento themes can also be modified and edited easily with a lot of tools provided in the package of the themes when you purchase it.

Magento themes have a high level of compatibility with almost all web browsers that are available in the market such as Opera, Firefox or Google Chrome. Even if there are some error happened, it can be adjusted effectively and it is known as an advantage of the Magento themes. In conclusion, have an affordable selection for your website designing process Emthemes will be a good selection for you. With the variety in choice and the high quality in service, you will not feel disappoint with what you purchased.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Managing The Magento Orders

Managing The Magento Orders

Magento template is a trending of creating a website for ecommerce. Not only it has every feature that a website needed, it also has a simple web management system that only takes a few hours to learn.

In this article, we will go through about how to manage the order of Magento website, from step to step.

First, with a working Magento website, creating a pattern for users to make order on the website is easy. As Magento is designed to be a web store solution, it basically has all the feature of a web store. After creating a website with check out system, you can go to the next step.

In the order management tab, it will show all the information of the customers who have previously placed an order. From here, you can navigate to the options to consider, such as putting an order on Hold, releasing it, getting it as Shipped and more. In this part, you can also add personal memo, such as “Returning customer”, or in case your customer want to specify more detail about the order, you may want to use the memo feature.

For each order, it will display the total amount, associated with the SKU, or usually known as unique item number to identify. Within that page, you will know what you customers have ordered and you should be ready to send the order now.

The management tool of Magento allows you to input how many items a left, just in case you want to create a sales off or campaign. For instance, if you have about 20 items to have special prices, you can specify this number in the inventory tab. Within this page, you can also set the amount of discount for your customer, which is a manual action. This discount is usually a special discount for your close customers who have purchased several times. If you want, you can create a membership option which customers will use their email account to track their order.

With these steps above, you have known about how to operate and manage the Magento orders. These steps are essential for those who are going to use Magento template as a web store. You can always reduce some information to make it easier to manage the orders and order status.

Although the basic Magento template has everything you ever need to run a web store, you may want to consider the extensions to make it easier to manage the order.

Usually, the extensions only cost a little of money, but are well-worth the prices.I really hope with these provided information, you have learned a little more about the innovative Magento template, the ultimate solution for a successful ecommerce at cheap price.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to install Magento extensions and modules

How to install Magento extensions and modules

Magento template is the most popular template to use nowadays as the ultimate ecommerce solution. Basically, it has everything that a web owner needs to operate a good website. Based on Open Source project, the Magento template is free to use and easy to modify. In general, it is quite easy to install, remove some features of the template, add more extensions, widgets.

Web owners can also take advantage of the additional plugins and themes, which they can buy from online store about themes for Magento template. These themes are quite easy to install, usually web owners just have to upload the files to the host and refresh for the changes to apply.

In this article, we will show you some easy ways to install the Extensions on the Magento template. The steps are similar to install the modules and Widgets.
The easiest way to install these components is to use the tool called the Magento Connect. This tool is quite easy to use, as you just need to specify the extensions you are going to install and it will do the rest for you.

The second way is to use the CMS tool, which is integrated in the Magento Template. This tool is usually used to enable or disable some certain parts of the Magento template. As an Admin, you can use this tool to install the new extensions for your Magento website. You can access this tool in the Menu box in the Root of your website.

The last way is to use SHELL or PEAR command line. This method is somehow the most difficult and advanced method, which is ideal choice for web programmer. Use these commands to install the new extensions:

# set preferred stability for installed/upgraded packages (alpha,beta,stable):
./pear config-set preferred_state beta

# initial installation from downloader package:
./pear mage-setup .
./pear install magento-core/Mage_All_Latest

# install extension: (paste the extension key in front of ./pear install "Magento extension key"
./pear install magento-community/Your_Extension_Key

# list available upgrades
./pear list-upgrades

# upgrade a package
./pear upgrade magento-core/Mage_Package

# uninstall a package

./pear uninstall magento-community/Unwanted_Package

About the extensions and modules, there are various places to find. The main features of these are to make the web managing job becomes easier. Some extensions also allows web owners to cut off the time by remove some content which is unrelated or not necessary. The extensions sometimes are quite useful to add more features to the website.

We hope this short article has shown you some ways to install and modify the Magento template. Although this template is easy to learn, it take some time to become good at it.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Installing widget with Magento

Installing widget with Magento

Magento template, the new and popular template of online ecommerce has become one of the best template to use as the core of the website. It has all the necessary features to run as a professional web store that has every information that web owner need to publish in order to deliver the information and image to customers. With years of development, Magento has become a strong tool to use for any web owner, who does not have much time to learn about HTML coding or who wants to use the simple web management tool.

The Magento template now accepts users to install any custom themes. They can buy various themes from various source, then use it on their Magento template with just a few steps of installation. The process of install the theme is quite easy, which only consists of upload the files to the host.

Furthermore, Magento template also allows users to install widgets to make it more easy to use. When it comes to installing widget for the Magento template, the first thing is to look for the needed widget. There are several places that web owners can grab the Magento widgets, which improve the performance of their website. The widget can be installed directly with the Magento Connect version 2.0, however, in order to use the widget, the version of Magento must be at least 1.4, which is a popular version for Magento. In case if you do not have this version, simply download the new developer kit from Magento and replace it with the existing.

Similarly, installing the Magento widget is somehow just like installing the extensions. The steps are the same, except for the content. To install the widget, simply navigate the Magento Admin Area->System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager, then continue to look for the Paste Extension key to install. In this part, just click on the Install button after logging in and you are done. The next step to do is to go to Magento Admin Area and choose CMS -> Pages to make the changes visible.

Now, in the web editor, select the Content menu and Insert Widget to insert the installed widget wherever you want.

So, the steps above are quite easy that everyone and do in order to install the Magento Widget. Mostly it only involves in CMS page, where the controls of the Magento are stored. You can always install multiple widgets on the same page, however, you should consider about how your website will look like. Too many widgets is not always a good idea.

In sum, I really hope this article has shown you the method of installing the Widget. Although it is quite easy to use, just in case if you have any problem, just scroll back and do these steps again. The Magento Template is easy to control, much easier than the hold HTML coding.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

How to manage and import product using the Magento template

How to manage and import product using the Magento template

The old website interface has become obsoleted nowadays, as people are looking forward to use the new, innovative Magento Theme in order to create an attracting website with lots of features. Moreover, the new template also has almost every feature included that a normal person can learn to manage easily. The old website interface costs time to learn to manage, but with Magento, it only costs some hours to get used to edit and manage.

Magento is a new template which is created as a project of Open Source, which means the template itself is free to use with no certain copyright. In order to use the Magento template, web owner just has to download the developer kit and upload it to the root folder of the website. After that, they can use the editor tools to edit the content and context of the website. Once all the steps are finished, they just publish their website and they have everything ready.

Although the Magento is easy to use, it does not have good themes to at the beginning. In other words, it only comes with a basic theme, which is quite boring. Usually, web owners often pay some money to have a premium theme, which customized based on the default Magento theme to use for their website. After they have completed the purchase, they just need to edit some copyright or images in the themes to make it theirs and they are done.

Basically, the Magento themes that they bought will have all the features of a basic Magento template, with some graphics to improve the visual of the website. At this point, they may want to learn about how to manage and import product to the website.

To manage the product of the Magento web store, simply navigate to the Catalog, Manage Products option. In here, click on the “Add Product” context. At this point, a small menu will appear, letting web owner to specify further details about the products, such as the name, the attributes and more.

Here are the list of the products types and descriptions to consider:

- Simple Products which have only basic descriptions
- Grouped Products they have similar specifications
- Virtual Products to specify the products which have not appeared yet
- Bundle Products for people to think about Bulk Order.

In each kind of product, there will be an option in the General Tab, letting web owner to manually add information about the Product name, Description, Short Description and much more. The SKU option may become handy since it will let web owner to manage the product in the easiest way possible, by checking the SKU number for any product.

In the image and inventory tab, web owner can always add lots of information about which to be displayed here. They can specify the amount of items in the Inventory tab, or they can also add more images in the Images tab.

Overall, the Magento Template is quite easy to manage. All the menus with contents can be modified to make a more specific web store to manage.

Monday, 2 July 2012

How to setup a simple Magento website using Emthemes themes

How to setup a simple Magento website using Emthemes themes

The Magento template is becoming popular in the market nowadays. Being known as an ultimate solution when it comes to web template, it has become a good choice for shop owners who do not have much experience in managing a website with HTML coding. Basically, the Magento template has all the new features and, is quite easy to use. Generally, it does not take much time to get used to the context and functions of the Magento template. Once the web owners have learned the basic concepts, they can easily manage and create their own a website with all the latest features.

In order to setup a Magento website, web owners just have to download the installation kit and then deploy it on the website from the parent directory of the host folder. After that, just follow the on-screen instruction and they have completed setting up a basic web store with all the features. Now, the next step is that they have to prepare the theme to make sure that their theme will be high in visual, eye-catchy and does not look like any other website. To do so, they can use all the options from the main category to edit and tweak the theme.

For ease, web owners can take advantage of the pre-built themes, such as themes from Emthemes, one of the most popular websites when it comes to buying online themes for Magento template. With that theme, they can manually install it and then edit to add more information. In order to install a theme from Emthemes, just follow these steps below:

First, un-zip the downloaded files to see all the content. Usually, they will have some folders such as layout, templates, skins and others.
After getting all the folders, the next step is to copy and replace them with the existed ones on the Magento website:

1.Layout – Present in (app/design/frontend/your_interface/new_theme/layout/)

2.Templates – Present in (app/design/frontend/your_interface/new_theme/template/)

3.Skins – Present in (skin/frontend/your_interface/new_theme/)

4.Locale – Present in (app/design/frontend/your_interface/new_theme/locale/)

Web owners can also use the APP folder, which is located in Your_Magento_Installation/app/design/frontend/default/ to replace with the downloaded content.

At this point, web owners have finished the installation step of the new theme. The next step is that they just need to edit and make the website more visual by adding more content, more graphic in it. Moreover, they will also need to edit the context menu, based on their demand to create a website will the content they wanted.

In sum, the steps to install the new theme with Magento Template is quite easy in comparison with the WordPress. Somehow, this method is more intuitive to do, which is suitable for those who have not tried this before. With all that features, the Magento template is surely the best solution for ecommerce.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

How to change the Logo and Copyright for any Magento theme

How to change the Logo and Copyright for any Magento theme

Nowadays, with the development with the Open Source, there are lots of solutions for those who are going to open a website for ecommerce. In other words, there are various templates for them to choose, which are free to use. What they need is just an attracting theme with some certain knowledge of web design, with that, they can easily create and manage a website based on the template of Magneto.
Basically, Magneto is free to use for everybody. They just have to download the developer pack and upload to the host directory of their website. After this step, they have finished creating the very basic of the Magneto website. From this step, they will need to specify lots of information to make the website customized and easy to manage. The administrative tools of Magneto template are quite easy to use, as there are just some simple functions to follow. Otherwise, they can follow the instruction on the net to create their own website with ease.
There are some stores online that supply the Magneto themes for everybody to buy and use on their own. After the purchase, they will have the copyright to use in any situation. In other words, they can now design and create their own website with the purchased theme. The template of Magneto has made it easy to install and mange, so that what web owners have to do is just simply upload the content of the theme to the directory and they are done. From now on, when they need to edit something, they just need to open the website editor tool and edit the content directly. After that, just publish for the changes to be applied.
But, how to change the logo of the website?
After upload and let the website to work, you will have a working website with a default template and logo. The next step to do is to replace this logo with your logo, the one for your company. To do it, simply following the steps below:

First, you should prepare the logo in PNG format, which is likely to be the most popular format for logo.

Second, upload the logo to the folder of the logo file, usually the “images” folder.

Third, check the Header section in the web editor and change the “Logo Image Scr” line to the link of your uploaded logo.
That’s all, now you can experience the new look on your website. Remember to check the resolution of the logo to make sure that it fits in the space perfectly. Sometimes, you may have to lower the resolution to save the bandwidth. The “Store View” setting will help you to have an overall look of the website you have created.
You can repeat this step to change all the content of the theme to meet your demand of your own website. This simple step can be applied to change the banner or the content of some certain parts of the website. You can also use it to change the Sections menu and much more.

In sum, the Magneto theme has all the new features for a successful website. Learning to use all the features is not so hard as everyone can learn and make it on their own.

Friday, 15 June 2012

EM Possimus - Sport Shoes Magento Theme

With all the essential elements of an online sales web, EM Possimus - Sport Shoes Magento Theme is a perfect design. That right! EM Possimus is not only impressive in style but also in layout and creativity.

You can easily see that EM Possimus - Sport Shoes Shop Magento Theme mainly use the product sliders. With these sliders, the home page of EM Possimus is very neat and these create a clean space for your store. However, your clients are still very happy when they can see more products, especially when the sliders display products by the hot topics (New Arrivals, Bestseller, most viewed, most popular). Customers can also know the product details at the quick shop button . With this support, the shopping would be convenient and gentle.

Besides, there are many other extensions, including the customer supports as cloudzoom, ajaxcart, dropdown shoppingcart ... , the management supports and the store decorating such as image slideshow, megamenu, .... or extensions to promote your business and close the gap with the customers tastes, as EM blog helps you create the information blog and you can exchange news with customers. And the most interesting thing is the five sub-themes with five separate colors and the impressive styles (Turquoise, Green, Brown, Orange, Purple). You'll be spoiled for choice and install the most appropriate theme for your products. Because of the utility, the compact structure, the beautiful design, the diversity styles, so EM Possimus is not only conform to the fashion shoes that it can fit all the other products.
You can view detail here or check out demo here.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

EM TopGear - AutoParts Magento Theme

Continue to provide high quality products, we introduce the latest Magento Template - EM TopGear Magento Theme.

EM TopGear Magento Theme is a special topic with the unique design and the great functionalities. Indeed, you can easily be attracted to the design of EM TopGear. The combination of colors is very harmonious, the lay out is very nice and interesting. With four sub-themes of EM TopGear Magento Theme (Red style, blue style, orange style, yellow style) you get more experience and you can choose the style that is best suits for your products. Although this subject has the same structure but they have style with the different feeling. The differences of these styles are evident in the emphasis of the design, this is the buttons, the smart labels, the product price, and many images with the impressive color, therefore EM TopGear becomes more appealing and attractive.

A special thing of EM TopGear Magento Theme is in the arrangement. The products are shown very much on display through the static blocks, the tabs, the product slider. These product blocks are alternated with the ad banners, the images with over 20 transitions, so your store is not boring and it will attract more customers. Besides that, the important information such as the new products, the best seller products, the most popular product, the feature products will be fully updated at the home page of Magento template. This information will improve the shopping of your customers, and they will feel happy with the support functions such as quick shop, ajax add to cart, cloud zoom javascript effect, mega menu with many multiple columns styles.. , these functions are developed by our professional programmerst, they will shorten the distance of the customer with your products, especially with the EM Blog features you'll have an blog of yourself. Sure, these are what you want, so check it out and pick EM Top Gear Magento Theme for your online shop, it is not only suitable for mechanical products, car parts, but also the other products.
EM TopGear Magento Theme is very proud because the design and structure are professional. The convenience of you is perfect. in particular, you can customize the number of products on a row of any layout for catalog page.
You can view detail here or check out demo here.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

EM Ultraze - Laptop Magento Theme

Add a perfect design and unique for your online store, which is EM Ultraze Magento Theme - Laptop Magento template is the best theme that you've ever seen.

With the expertise of the developers and the creativity of designers, EM Ultraze Magento Theme has full conditions of a perfect sales page. The advertising information, news and images are arranged alternately in the static blocks, so you can give customers a wealth of useful information. In addition, the preferential activity, the discount products, the hot products, the bestseller products, the featured products of your store are always updated quickly at the home page and the category pages of Magento template.

With Em Ultraze Magento Theme, you can easily see the ingenuity of the design. the product sliders are utilized everywhere, they are integrated in the tabs, so there are many products on display but space of Magento theme is neat and clean. Also, you can bring a lot of information to customers through the image slideshow, ad banners and the smart labels. This information will be attracting customers by impressive colors and nice effects. You and your customers can also easily exchange and contact with each other through EM Blog function. This is really unique and necessary for your online store.

EM Ultraze Magento Theme provides you with 6 sub-themes - 6 unique colors with 6 impressive faces (jade, blue, gray, green, orange, red) you will have more choices and more comprehensive view on this Magento subject. Along with the interesting colors, fancy design, compact structure, friendly interface, EM Ultraze Magento Theme is a perfect combination of Magento with our excellent extensions, including product images with cloud zoom javascript effect, Ajax Add product to Cart, the image slideshow with over 20 effects,... and more.
You can view detail here or check out demo here.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Released 4 great extensions for Magento template

Emthemes continues to bring you many surprises with the great extensions for Magento Template. If you know about Magento, or you have a Magento store, so you know that Magento has many interesting features and they can support your online business. However, your store will attractions and business more efficient because we have developed new extensions, with this extension, your store will meet all the needs of customers.

The extensions include EM New Products, EM Bestseller, EM Feature Products, EM Sale Products.

EM New Products
You want to provide customers with the useful information and quick access to the shop information. Especially with the hot information products and incentives such as the new product, this is important news that any customer wants to know when shopping. The EM New Products extension offers customers fresh products of your store. It not only improves the ads effects, but it also shows with customers on the development and abundance of products.

EM Bestseller
The best-seller products are the useful information that your customers always look for. With this information, your customers will find a sense of security and trust to the products. The best-seller products also show the store's reputation, and your shop will build a credible image with customers. EM Bestseller can quickly filter data of all the products and show the best-seller products in an order that you choose.

EM Featured Products
With the Magento support, you can choose features to products. These features include Feature Products, Hot Products, Special Products. And EM Featured Products will help you set them upon each separate feature. It can search across all of your data or a few categories that you choose.

EM Sale Products
A special type of information to attract customers and it is the shortest bridge between you with potential customers. It is the discount news, now you can easily perform them and grouping them in your Magento store with EM Sale Products. This feature can show all the discount products, and they will attract a lot of customer interest.
Customers are always interested in the benefits when shopping, they always try to buy goods with best price, so the discount information are extremely useful, and you can quickly promote your products, improve sales, and control inventory.

With these extensions, you're not only get the more business benefits, it also supports up to manage and organize your store. You can easily install them with our support. The guides will give you the full installation way and usage, so you do not feel embarrassed. Moreover, this extension is very useful because you can screen the entire data store, you can also screen in a category page or a few category pages. Especially this information can be displayed at any position in the Magento Template. You can sort them by price, name, or number,… so you can comfortably decorate your store, and you can completely turn your online store into an attractive commercial address.