Tuesday, 24 May 2011

EM Product Labels

Grasp the general tastes of customers, we have developed many new applications for the Magento theme. One of which, EM Product Labels iis really interesting and extremely convenient.
Previous, if your customers looking for products under the categories available, the blocks as new products, best selling, product discount ... But now, with the EM Product Labels, your customers can quickly capture the information necessary for their shopping. EM Product Labels help you promote the promotional information, bestseller products, favorite products, famous brands, …

You can choose custom design of the label to draw attention to the customer. You can easily filter the products according to your conditions. The labels can be displayed at the homepage, product listing, product details, product widget, related products block, up-sell products block, cross-sell products block and anywhere you want.

EM Product Labels making business became easier. You will quickly increase sales and improve inventory management. And just view here, you will enjoy with our new products.

Monday, 16 May 2011

EM Filter Products Widget

You want to manage more active your online store ? And you want your customers easily select products? Now it will be easier with our new enhancement for Magento theme, which is EM_Producs Filter Widgets. The products are not only introduced in the category, you can create a product page with appropriate features.
EM Filter Products Widget is a magento extension, also called as magento widget which allow to show off products from specific conditions, such as featured products, new products, best-selling products, most viewed products, hot products, sale off products, special price products, and so on. It also supports to show off products based on custom attributes and complex conditions, combination conditions...

This extension really meet all your needs. It lets you select any product features. You also quickly changed, alley or less discretion.So you can create lists of interesting sites. You will give your customers a quick and convenient. It will promote your business. Benefit to you is the top target of us.

EM Eyewear Magento Theme

Continuing the fashion glasses theme, we launched a new Magento sample. That is the EM Eyewear Magento theme with two color sub themes. Get luxury style as a target, EM Eyewear Magento theme design is new and fancy. At home page, the slide show, tabs, banners continuously updated new products and promotional information, bestseller products, favorite products, famous brands, ...
EM Eyewear has two sub-themes, it's orange and blue. Both colors have a black background, which highlight the image and product information. But each color will give you a different sense, orange creating impress, green is gracious and both are very attractive. Which makes products with the wealth and more choices.

Besides a professional design, EM Eyewear maintaining advantage features such as: slideshow with over +20 transitions, mega Menu with many multiple columns styles, latest user reviews module, all blocks are customized, all cart & checkout progress pages are customized, all product catalog pages are customzied, all customer pages are customized, product image sizes controlled in the back-end, and many more features...
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

EM Electronics Magento Theme

We always care for each Magento template very meticulous. Professional style design makes the products has its own personality, each topic is a continuous creation. To serial, we introduce to you a new model, EM Electronics Magento Theme.
This is a design for electronics products, home page is designed with an impressive slideshow effects, the blocks continuously updates of new products, bestseller products, favorite products, famous brands and promotional information. Special which brings electronics EM Electronics Magento Template is that it is designed for compatibility with two colors sub-themes. if red is luxurious style, personality, then blue is the ethereal and gentle.

Add on, with our back-end control, EM Electronics Magento Theme allows you to re-size various images such as thumbnail size, large image size, related, cross-sell, up-sell product image size and so on. At the admin control panel, you can customize size of the images, which displays images suitable for your products. This combined with the advantages of Magento will bring you satisfaction.
Now, you can view our product at here, or check out the demo of EM Electronics Magento Theme.