Thursday 20 October 2011

EM GameWorld - Game Store Magento Theme

Gameworld Magento Theme is a unique design for the game product, gaming devices. Gameworld Magento Theme can create eye-catching impression to customers because it uses the highlight color so that create focal points for the site. In addition, the layout of the gameworld is quite delicate and creative. Gameworld Magento Theme uses the unique image of the game at background of Magento Template, this takes you into the real game world and will attract more customers, especially gamers. Moreover, the information about products (new products, featured products, hot products, promotions...) is always updated promptly, your customers can choose easily new games for each machine such as Play Station, Xbox,...

Gameworld Magento Theme uses multiple tabs so Magento Template can show more products at the home page, the slideshows with more than 20 effects, and they will create the impression and attraction for products and brands. Besides the dominant features of Magento, Gameworld Magento Theme has alot of new extensions useful and enjoyable as: mega menu with many multiple columns styles, smart labels, view product on lightbox, product image sizes controlled in the back-end,.... Especially with the extension is called "cloud zoom", your customers will be very excited for this, they can view product detail image when they hover over it.
And finally, As well as our other Magento templates, Gameworld Magento Theme suits all types of products. So explore our gameworld to find the best choice for your online store
View detailed info here. Or check out demo here.