Wednesday 29 August 2012

EM Blog Magento Extension version 2.0 has been released

We have just released EM Blog Magento Extension version 2.0 at

EM Blog upgraded version with bunches of additional helpful tools is right here to improve your website operation, such as tree format category display, different stores for posts, and smart category management with "anchor" attribute. It makes posts more attractive, impressive and informative.

Magento Theme with blog is the most comfortable tool for you business. If you are satisfied with our Magento interface, you will love it even more with new EM Blog version 2.0. Customers can have more contributions to your posts, products, and business. Tree format, differentiated posts and related posts make blog much flexible and well-organized. Language translation is no more costing much time and effort. Moreover, anchor attribute, which is the most noteworthy feature of EM Blog 2.0, allows you too choose “anchor”. It means that, any posts related to “anchor” will be shown on the desired destination.

Link download: EM Blog Magento Extension Magento