Tuesday 18 September 2012

[Tutorial] User guide for using Mobile Theme on Magento

After purchasing our mobile version, you will receive a package.

1. To install the theme
Step 1 : Extract file ABC.zip and copy all files to your magento folder.

2. To create store
Go to System > Manage Stores
Create Store > Website: Main Website > Name: Xxxx (the name is up to you) > Root category: Root Catalog > Save Store.

3. To create store view for the "Xxxx"
Go to System > Manage Stores
• Name: English > Code: Aaaa (the name is up to you) > Status: enabled > Sort order: it is for sorting in backend, so you can number it up. > Save store view.

4. Config the “Xxxx” store
Go to System > Configuration
• From the "Current Configuration Scope" drop down (on the upper left hand side) select the "English" view under "Mobile Version" >
• Go to “General”, select Design > From Themes (on the right hand side) choose default as Iphone. > Save config.

5. Choose store mobile
Go to System > Configuration > Go to “General” > Expand “Content Management”> Choose XYZ (it is current package name) settings.
• Mobile store name: Aaaa (it must be similar to the “code” you did in number 3) > Mobile group store: Main website/ mobile version.