Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to create magento theme?

1.      Creating new magento theme:
1.      Download and extract magento files from
2.      Copy all the content to the folder that you are current making the theme.
3.      Create database and run sample data.
4.      Run config and choose corresponding database that was created
5.      Login admin panel, go to sytem >> configuration:  in design tab and fill the package as “default” and fill theme default as current theme. In Web tab, choose homepage for the theme (creating a blank page from cms page)
6.      Install the extensions for theme, including: themeframework, bestseller, featured product, slider widget,... into the theme
7.      Install extension setting for theme by following instruction at our later tutorials. 
8.      Clear cache and run the theme again.
  9.      Clone magento theme from existing theme.


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