Friday 1 April 2011

EM Magento Blog & News Extension

With continual innovation criteria and development, we always explore and extend the application. So we will bring you new utilities and the best innovative. You already know about Magento as well as the facilities that it offers, such as online payment support, multi-language, currencies, ... .., and we are pleased to introduce to you an extension, it is blog for Magento theme. Now your online store does not simply make a purchase and sale, in addition to your customer product reviews can also communicate directly with you and others easily, quickly . It also enables you may share new ideas with customers , and your work will become better.

Join us to learn about this extension. Blog for Magento theme is managed by categories. these are topics, including the major themes and smaller topics, depending on your purpose. And this list will store the corresponding article with the theme of it. You can easily change the content, the number of categories and articles. Your customers can easily capture the information on these lists through a static block.
Each category as well as the post will allow you to display image and introduction. You can also easily manage the feedback of customers. For your customers, they can comment on each article , as well as searching the posts through tags. And they don't need to go back to the main list, but still easy to see the other articles on the subject. They also can share the posts in the social networks. This is a form of advertising for your store
To facilitate the management of this new feature, interface of administration page had designed very friendly and easy to use by our programmers.
Category, post, tag, and all comments, each part is managed by a separate management within the administration page. Here you can edit images, content, create, delete categories, articles, limited time,... Also articles and images had supported multiple formats, the list contains many articles will have pagination; after login, customers will not need to enter user name to write comment, the comments are displayed time, ... and much more.
These things bring you the professionalism and flexibility with this extension , so you will have one channel of information is extremely useful for business. This really a common goal of us and you. If your online store without this new feature, you can quickly update information on it from our website (or view here to explore our other extensions). Interest and your feedback will help our products become more complete.