Friday 29 April 2011

EM RSS News Feed Widget Magento Extension

To always have the novelty and development, towards a user's interests. We are always working with purpose of continuous innovation and development, we are always exploring, creating and expanding applications. So most of the website we all find a common characteristic is usability, useful, beautiful interface, the visual arts…
Something I would recommend to you is EM_NewsFeedWidget - A Magento News Feed RSS Extension. It is an extension of magento, as we all know Magento indispensable in online sales support, multi-language, currencies, ... ..,. Magento extension of that help is always friendly website users.
Let us explore EM_NewsFeedWidget Extension.
Look at a online store, it does not simply display products and purchase and sale products that in addition to the useful information. It make more extensive Web, and your business more successful.
To relieve the monotony of the website, allowing customers to access other information such as news, find information, depending on purpose, so EM_NewsFeedWidget Magento Extension will help you do it.
The information that you find it is the direct link from another site, without spending a lot of time but still gives visitors a sense of novelty and curiosity, not need to access other pages that they still have they need. This is a form of advertising for your site.
All of which are shown in EM_NewsFeedWidget, in EM_NewsFeedWidget has Widget Options. It allows selection of Feed link, Show author, Show date, Date format, Show title, More link, template, number of items, image size,… , With the choices that allow us to update information to customers without time-consuming, which can attract visitors to your site.
EM_NewsFeedWidget Extension with extensions will make the site up to date information, but does not take much time to make customers feel that there is a change in site, and provide useful information for their. To know more I invite you to come here to explore
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