Monday 16 May 2011

EM Filter Products Widget

You want to manage more active your online store ? And you want your customers easily select products? Now it will be easier with our new enhancement for Magento theme, which is EM_Producs Filter Widgets. The products are not only introduced in the category, you can create a product page with appropriate features.
EM Filter Products Widget is a magento extension, also called as magento widget which allow to show off products from specific conditions, such as featured products, new products, best-selling products, most viewed products, hot products, sale off products, special price products, and so on. It also supports to show off products based on custom attributes and complex conditions, combination conditions...

This extension really meet all your needs. It lets you select any product features. You also quickly changed, alley or less discretion.So you can create lists of interesting sites. You will give your customers a quick and convenient. It will promote your business. Benefit to you is the top target of us.