Wednesday 4 May 2011

EM Electronics Magento Theme

We always care for each Magento template very meticulous. Professional style design makes the products has its own personality, each topic is a continuous creation. To serial, we introduce to you a new model, EM Electronics Magento Theme.
This is a design for electronics products, home page is designed with an impressive slideshow effects, the blocks continuously updates of new products, bestseller products, favorite products, famous brands and promotional information. Special which brings electronics EM Electronics Magento Template is that it is designed for compatibility with two colors sub-themes. if red is luxurious style, personality, then blue is the ethereal and gentle.

Add on, with our back-end control, EM Electronics Magento Theme allows you to re-size various images such as thumbnail size, large image size, related, cross-sell, up-sell product image size and so on. At the admin control panel, you can customize size of the images, which displays images suitable for your products. This combined with the advantages of Magento will bring you satisfaction.
Now, you can view our product at here, or check out the demo of EM Electronics Magento Theme.