Thursday 1 September 2011

EM Electronics Magento Theme has been upgraded to Magento CE

Continue to improve better our Magento Templates and give you many benefits, we offer the latest EM Electronics Magento Theme, this is Magento CE version. EM Electronics Magento Theme is a successful design with two sub-themes: blue and red. If red is luxurious style, personality, then blue is the ethereal and gentle.
This design was introduced before and it has received a lot of your attention. So, with this new version, EM Electronics Magento Template keeps all its advantages, such as home page is designed with an impressive slideshow effects, the blocks continuously updates of new products, bestseller products, favorite products, famous brands and promotional information. With the dominant features of Magento CE, EM Electronics Magento Theme gives you more utility with features like: slideshow with over +20 transitions, mega menu with many multiple columns styles, product image sizes controlled in the back-end, products widgets supported... You can click here for view EM Electronics with Magento CE version, or check out demo here