Friday 20 April 2012

Released 4 great extensions for Magento template

Emthemes continues to bring you many surprises with the great extensions for Magento Template. If you know about Magento, or you have a Magento store, so you know that Magento has many interesting features and they can support your online business. However, your store will attractions and business more efficient because we have developed new extensions, with this extension, your store will meet all the needs of customers.

The extensions include EM New Products, EM Bestseller, EM Feature Products, EM Sale Products.

EM New Products
You want to provide customers with the useful information and quick access to the shop information. Especially with the hot information products and incentives such as the new product, this is important news that any customer wants to know when shopping. The EM New Products extension offers customers fresh products of your store. It not only improves the ads effects, but it also shows with customers on the development and abundance of products.

EM Bestseller
The best-seller products are the useful information that your customers always look for. With this information, your customers will find a sense of security and trust to the products. The best-seller products also show the store's reputation, and your shop will build a credible image with customers. EM Bestseller can quickly filter data of all the products and show the best-seller products in an order that you choose.

EM Featured Products
With the Magento support, you can choose features to products. These features include Feature Products, Hot Products, Special Products. And EM Featured Products will help you set them upon each separate feature. It can search across all of your data or a few categories that you choose.

EM Sale Products
A special type of information to attract customers and it is the shortest bridge between you with potential customers. It is the discount news, now you can easily perform them and grouping them in your Magento store with EM Sale Products. This feature can show all the discount products, and they will attract a lot of customer interest.
Customers are always interested in the benefits when shopping, they always try to buy goods with best price, so the discount information are extremely useful, and you can quickly promote your products, improve sales, and control inventory.

With these extensions, you're not only get the more business benefits, it also supports up to manage and organize your store. You can easily install them with our support. The guides will give you the full installation way and usage, so you do not feel embarrassed. Moreover, this extension is very useful because you can screen the entire data store, you can also screen in a category page or a few category pages. Especially this information can be displayed at any position in the Magento Template. You can sort them by price, name, or number,… so you can comfortably decorate your store, and you can completely turn your online store into an attractive commercial address.