Wednesday 30 May 2012

EM TopGear - AutoParts Magento Theme

Continue to provide high quality products, we introduce the latest Magento Template - EM TopGear Magento Theme.

EM TopGear Magento Theme is a special topic with the unique design and the great functionalities. Indeed, you can easily be attracted to the design of EM TopGear. The combination of colors is very harmonious, the lay out is very nice and interesting. With four sub-themes of EM TopGear Magento Theme (Red style, blue style, orange style, yellow style) you get more experience and you can choose the style that is best suits for your products. Although this subject has the same structure but they have style with the different feeling. The differences of these styles are evident in the emphasis of the design, this is the buttons, the smart labels, the product price, and many images with the impressive color, therefore EM TopGear becomes more appealing and attractive.

A special thing of EM TopGear Magento Theme is in the arrangement. The products are shown very much on display through the static blocks, the tabs, the product slider. These product blocks are alternated with the ad banners, the images with over 20 transitions, so your store is not boring and it will attract more customers. Besides that, the important information such as the new products, the best seller products, the most popular product, the feature products will be fully updated at the home page of Magento template. This information will improve the shopping of your customers, and they will feel happy with the support functions such as quick shop, ajax add to cart, cloud zoom javascript effect, mega menu with many multiple columns styles.. , these functions are developed by our professional programmerst, they will shorten the distance of the customer with your products, especially with the EM Blog features you'll have an blog of yourself. Sure, these are what you want, so check it out and pick EM Top Gear Magento Theme for your online shop, it is not only suitable for mechanical products, car parts, but also the other products.
EM TopGear Magento Theme is very proud because the design and structure are professional. The convenience of you is perfect. in particular, you can customize the number of products on a row of any layout for catalog page.
You can view detail here or check out demo here.