Friday 15 June 2012

EM Possimus - Sport Shoes Magento Theme

With all the essential elements of an online sales web, EM Possimus - Sport Shoes Magento Theme is a perfect design. That right! EM Possimus is not only impressive in style but also in layout and creativity.

You can easily see that EM Possimus - Sport Shoes Shop Magento Theme mainly use the product sliders. With these sliders, the home page of EM Possimus is very neat and these create a clean space for your store. However, your clients are still very happy when they can see more products, especially when the sliders display products by the hot topics (New Arrivals, Bestseller, most viewed, most popular). Customers can also know the product details at the quick shop button . With this support, the shopping would be convenient and gentle.

Besides, there are many other extensions, including the customer supports as cloudzoom, ajaxcart, dropdown shoppingcart ... , the management supports and the store decorating such as image slideshow, megamenu, .... or extensions to promote your business and close the gap with the customers tastes, as EM blog helps you create the information blog and you can exchange news with customers. And the most interesting thing is the five sub-themes with five separate colors and the impressive styles (Turquoise, Green, Brown, Orange, Purple). You'll be spoiled for choice and install the most appropriate theme for your products. Because of the utility, the compact structure, the beautiful design, the diversity styles, so EM Possimus is not only conform to the fashion shoes that it can fit all the other products.
You can view detail here or check out demo here.