Sunday 1 July 2012

How to change the Logo and Copyright for any Magento theme

How to change the Logo and Copyright for any Magento theme

Nowadays, with the development with the Open Source, there are lots of solutions for those who are going to open a website for ecommerce. In other words, there are various templates for them to choose, which are free to use. What they need is just an attracting theme with some certain knowledge of web design, with that, they can easily create and manage a website based on the template of Magneto.
Basically, Magneto is free to use for everybody. They just have to download the developer pack and upload to the host directory of their website. After this step, they have finished creating the very basic of the Magneto website. From this step, they will need to specify lots of information to make the website customized and easy to manage. The administrative tools of Magneto template are quite easy to use, as there are just some simple functions to follow. Otherwise, they can follow the instruction on the net to create their own website with ease.
There are some stores online that supply the Magneto themes for everybody to buy and use on their own. After the purchase, they will have the copyright to use in any situation. In other words, they can now design and create their own website with the purchased theme. The template of Magneto has made it easy to install and mange, so that what web owners have to do is just simply upload the content of the theme to the directory and they are done. From now on, when they need to edit something, they just need to open the website editor tool and edit the content directly. After that, just publish for the changes to be applied.
But, how to change the logo of the website?
After upload and let the website to work, you will have a working website with a default template and logo. The next step to do is to replace this logo with your logo, the one for your company. To do it, simply following the steps below:

First, you should prepare the logo in PNG format, which is likely to be the most popular format for logo.

Second, upload the logo to the folder of the logo file, usually the “images” folder.

Third, check the Header section in the web editor and change the “Logo Image Scr” line to the link of your uploaded logo.
That’s all, now you can experience the new look on your website. Remember to check the resolution of the logo to make sure that it fits in the space perfectly. Sometimes, you may have to lower the resolution to save the bandwidth. The “Store View” setting will help you to have an overall look of the website you have created.
You can repeat this step to change all the content of the theme to meet your demand of your own website. This simple step can be applied to change the banner or the content of some certain parts of the website. You can also use it to change the Sections menu and much more.

In sum, the Magneto theme has all the new features for a successful website. Learning to use all the features is not so hard as everyone can learn and make it on their own.