Friday 27 July 2012

EM GameWorld - Responsive Magento Theme

EM Game World is a responsive and flexible Magento theme for game store. Modern, nice and impressive design for highlighting games purpose is especially simple and well-organized. Besides of catchy color mixing, template provides a clean layout and clearly structured appearance. All contents are stored in logically categories on the main drop-down menu.

Our EM GameWorld - Responsive Magento Theme now has mobile version. With this theme, it is more comfortable for the customers to shop it on their mobile. Notice that this version will not have any side effects on your current web version. Both of them will not exclude each other. Also, it is not only for this kind of store, but also multi-store can apply it.

Other recommended tabs are under the menu, such as great deals, or great offer, so it is a good way to access to the website’s core features easily. Moreover, the content and others features can be changed the content in the backend to customize the theme as desire.

One more noteworthy point is that besides of web version, we also offer mobile version, which is suitable for customers, using mobile phone to surf your store. It is compatible with many devices, such as pc, tablet, mobile, iphone, ipad, and anroid devices.

EM GameWorld Mobile Version -Responsive Magento Theme

Powerful theme configuration

Our theme configuration allows you to edit various parameters such as product image sizes, product image background, theme background, number of product columns and more...

Image slideshow with 20+ transition effects

Image slideshow is developed as a magento widget allow you to insert and manage slideshow easily and extreme user-friendly. You can add image, description and link on the widget UI.

Mega Menu

With our mega menu feature, you can freely add custom content to the menu, you can add banner, video on the menu as well. Beside the freedom in content editing, it has ability to to pull out all categories dynamically with different styles.

If you disable the mega menu, the standard drop-down menu will automatically appear without extra work.

Quick Shop

Improve usibility of your store with our quick-view extension to allow customer to view product details without leaving the current page.

Customized product landing page

Improve the default magento product landing page with our custom product page with more useful info and a lot of rich features.

Image cloud zoom

Our image cloud-zoom effect allows to zoom-in product image just move mouse hover the image. With our improvement, it also works great on iphone/ipad and other tablet/cellphone devices.

All products image, product thumbnail size can be configured in the backend as you want. If your web store has different background layout, you can configure image background accordingly.

Drop down shopping cart ajax add to cart

Product labels

Our theme includes the product labels extension allows you to create and manage custom labels of products on your site. The rule of labels and icons are so powerful and unlimited. You can also create more rule to apply different labels such as sale off, bestseller, new products, featured products, products in certain categories or combine any or/any all of that.

Note that this product label extension if you buy seperately it costs you $39. With our themes you get it for FREE.

Custom product widgets

Our product widgets support unlimited ruleset, such as bestseller, new product, featured products, sale off products and more. Provide different templates such as slider, grid, list.

Extra footer

The footer of magento template is redesigned and added more content to provide your customers more helpful info about your store. Adding more links for SEO purpose. Not only that if you buy our magento blog extension you can display blog content here.

Highlight Features

-Homepage with images slideshow freely customize over 20 transition effects, timing and moving...
-Brands slider.
-New products on homepage.
-Extra space for promotion text, news, store info, links.
-All contents and extra features can be managed in the backend of your store

General Features

-Fully tested and works great with all modern web browsers: IE7+, Firefox 3+, Safari 5+, Chrome5+, Opera 10+, iPhone, iPad, iOS or Android devices
-Compressed javascript library to reduce the loading time.
-Well-structured and commented HTML & CSS for easy customization.
-Excellent user guide documentation to help you install and utilize the theme.