Saturday 7 July 2012

Managing The Magento Orders

Managing The Magento Orders

Magento template is a trending of creating a website for ecommerce. Not only it has every feature that a website needed, it also has a simple web management system that only takes a few hours to learn.

In this article, we will go through about how to manage the order of Magento website, from step to step.

First, with a working Magento website, creating a pattern for users to make order on the website is easy. As Magento is designed to be a web store solution, it basically has all the feature of a web store. After creating a website with check out system, you can go to the next step.

In the order management tab, it will show all the information of the customers who have previously placed an order. From here, you can navigate to the options to consider, such as putting an order on Hold, releasing it, getting it as Shipped and more. In this part, you can also add personal memo, such as “Returning customer”, or in case your customer want to specify more detail about the order, you may want to use the memo feature.

For each order, it will display the total amount, associated with the SKU, or usually known as unique item number to identify. Within that page, you will know what you customers have ordered and you should be ready to send the order now.

The management tool of Magento allows you to input how many items a left, just in case you want to create a sales off or campaign. For instance, if you have about 20 items to have special prices, you can specify this number in the inventory tab. Within this page, you can also set the amount of discount for your customer, which is a manual action. This discount is usually a special discount for your close customers who have purchased several times. If you want, you can create a membership option which customers will use their email account to track their order.

With these steps above, you have known about how to operate and manage the Magento orders. These steps are essential for those who are going to use Magento template as a web store. You can always reduce some information to make it easier to manage the orders and order status.

Although the basic Magento template has everything you ever need to run a web store, you may want to consider the extensions to make it easier to manage the order.

Usually, the extensions only cost a little of money, but are well-worth the prices.I really hope with these provided information, you have learned a little more about the innovative Magento template, the ultimate solution for a successful ecommerce at cheap price.