Monday, 9 July 2012

How to install a basic Magento Theme

Nowadays, with the popularity of internet, there is a lot of new websites created every day. Making a new websites is becoming easier for many users with the help of the effective tools and they are allways available in the market. One of theme is the website template and the theme providers such as Emthemes. In these websites, the customers have a wide range of selections with a lot of Magento Themes, which is recommended by many web designers because of some reasons.

 Firstly, these templates is quite simple to use and install. You can easily change the content and category in a Magento Theme with simple steps or even just a click. The content in the different pages is different, so that you can use many tools to create the impression for your online store. When purchasing a package of Magento Theme, the provider will give you lots of tools and guidance, you can make the desired changes, you can make your basic theme more appealing. You can also add some special features to your website and theme with the extension packages, which do not cost much.

The Magento Themes are provided by Emthemes which are very varied. You can easily find a topic like best, of course they are arranged in a logical sequence and their name can show their essence. Each topic will have some special features to be suitable with the purposes that the users expected. For example, the sliders display the hot topics such as what’s news, the best seller products or the most viewed, most popular products. These topics are usually the biggest concern of customers when shopping. On the other hand, the blur effect which makes the photos and banners become more interesting with the customers.

To install a Magento Theme, you need to follows some steps. First, you need to name your themes by change the name of the root folder that stores the theme. Second, you need to log in to the backend page to change the default template. Go to the system , configure and change the interface design. In the “default” box, type the name of the themes that you just change the name and would like to set up then click the button “save” to record the change in the system. After that, the theme will be changed. Overall, all the steps are not complicated with people who have a certain level of knowledge about computing.

So, if you are finding a Magento Theme for your website or you want to change the themes of your website to enhance your business, Emthemes will always be ready to help you. You have wide range of selection that covers a lot of different topics that can meet almost all demand from the customers. Moreover, our service is very good that can help you if you have difficulties. For example, if you have any difficulty in using Magento Themes or you cannot install them, you can contact the customer service department to receive the help.